DIY modern embroidery mobile

This modern baby mobile is neutral enough to fit any decor.


How to make an embroidery hoop mobile:


1. You will need: scissors, a 10-in. embroidery hoop, two 5-in. embroidery hoops, two 4-in. embroidery hoops, a 3-in. embroidery hoop and twine in various colours.


2. Remove the outer brackets from all the hoops and set aside.  Put inner 10-in. hoop aside as well. Tie twine in a small knot around each inner hoop.


3. Wrap twine tightly around inner hoops in a zigzag fashion.When done, cut twine a little longer than needed, to knot and secure. Re-attach outer brackets.


4. Cut 5 pieces of twine in varying lengths from short to long. Tie 1 piece of twine to each bracket clasp. Knot twine around the inner 10-in. hoop at varying intervals. Secure outer bracket, hang and enjoy!

This article was originally published on May 22, 2015

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