Mother's Day craft: DIY family silhouette pillowcase

Give mom something she'll cherish for years to come this Mother's Day with a DIY on-trend pillowcase.

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Try making this DIY family silhouette pillowcase for a Mother’s Day craft idea! You can either sew your own pillowcase or scour home decor stores like Ikea for simple and inexpensive cases to paint. Remember, you don’t have to use a white pillowcase. If you’re worried about grubby hands try another light colour, just make sure you can see your silhouette stencils through the fabric for tracing.


Photo: Roberto Caruso

Photo: Roberto Caruso

  • white pillowcase
  • silhouette template
  • scrap cardboard
  • pencil
  • paintbrush
  • black fabric paint


  1. Start with a plain, white pillowcase. Place the silhouettes inside the case with a piece of flat cardboard behind.
  2. Trace the silhouettes onto the pillowcase using a pencil.
  3. Paint the inside of the silhouettes black, and let dry overnight.


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