DIY Christmas tree baubles

Who knew corrugated cardboard could be so festive? These DIY Christmas tree baubles are a great way to get the kids involved with holiday decorating.


Here’s how to make these DIY Christmas tree baubles:

1. Cut a narrow strip of corrugated cardboard into a long triangle shape (at least 60 cm long, and 10 cm wide at the biggest end).

2. Cut a 2-cm-thick rectangular strip from neon card stock, the same length as the cardboard triangle.

3. Tape neon strip to be flush with the edge of the cardboard.


4. Glue a piece of ribbon loop to the widest part of the triangle (on the side with the neon).

5. Roll cardboard up, and glue the end to close and secure into a cone ornament (this will be easier and more secure using hot glue).

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