DIY paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes take on a new form with this fun three-dimensional craft.

By Kate Stewart
DIY paper snowflakes

Materials: Six square pieces of white paper Scissors Tape Stapler Ruler

1. Fold the first piece of paper in half diagonally, so it makes a triangle. The bottom of the triangle (or creased edge) will be your bottom.

2. Fold the triangle in half again, making note of the bottom edge.

3. Measure and cut three evenly spaced lines from the bottom edge of the triangle to the top, leaving a space between the end of the cut and the edge of the paper.

4. Open up the paper so it is a square again. Hold the paper so that the paper is diamond shaped, and roll the two sections of paper in the middle into a tube together and tape in place. (There should be a triangle shape on either side of the roll.)

5. Take the points of the next two sections and roll them around the tube in one direction, then tape the points together. This section should be sticking out on the other side of the first tube.


6. Continue rolling and taping the sections together in alternating directions.

7. This is one arm of the snowflake. Repeat all steps with the remaining 5 pieces of paper.

8. Take three of the completed arms and gather together at the points. Staple together and repeat with the other three.

9. Staple both pieces together.

10. Make sure that where the arms touch they are lined up, if not, tape together at the widest point to secure their shape.

This article was originally published on Oct 26, 2012

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