Craft: How to make a jetpack

Whether you're throwing a birthday bash for your little one or just need an easy activity to keep them occupied, try this simple jetpack craft!


Photo: Tony Lanz


You’ll need two plastic two-litre bottles, silver duct tape and paint, scissors, a paintbrush, tissue paper, cardstock, ribbon and glue.


Photo: Tony Lanz

Step 1:

Paint both bottles silver. Once dry, stick them together using duct tape.


Photo: Tony Lanz

Step 2:

Tape a strip of cardstock to the front and sides. Arrange the tissue paper to look like flames and glue the to the inside of the bottle openings. Tape on the ribbon for shoulder straps.


Photo: Tony Lanz


A version of this article appeared in our October 2013 issue with the headline “Outer space party,” p. 28.

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