9 cupcake liner crafts

By Hannah Terry-Whyte
9 cupcake liner crafts

9 cupcake liner crafts

Cupcake liners aren’t just for batter anymore

Sure, we’d love to say that these 9 cupcake liner crafts are an excuse for your family to eat more cake, but it’s probably best to use clean liners for these activities.

We promise that your afternoon of crafting together as a family will be just as sweet as candy, though!

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: I Heart Crafty Things

Holiday tree

Depending on your cupcake liners’ colours, this paper tree craft can be used to make decorations for different holidays throughout the year. Red and green liners? Christmas! Orange and black? Halloween! Pink and white? Valentine’s Day!

What holiday will your family be celebrating next?

Get the instructions here: Today’s Parent

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Tony Lanza



Aren’t these the cutest and friendliest-looking jellyfish you’ve ever seen? We recommend singing “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid while making these with your children.

Get the instructions here: No Time For Flash Cards

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: No Time For Flash Cards


These cupcake liner owls may look impressive, but they’re truly easy to make. Simply fold in three of the liner’s sides, stick on a little paper triangle for a beak and two circles for eyes, and voila! You and your kids will be hooting with pride.

Get the instructions here: Kids Activities Blog

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Kids Activities Blog

Fortune cookie

Just think of all the wonderful fortunes you can write in these cupcake liner fortune cookies for your children:

– Today will be a magnificent day.
– You are loved more than you know.
Confucius Say: Clean your room.

The possibilities are endless!

Get the instructions here: Spoonful

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Spoonful



Don’t be intimidated by how fancy this Ballerina Doll cupcake liner craft looks; in truth, it is as simple as cutting a slit in a liner, wrapping it around a ballerina doll, and gluing the liner closed.

Of course, if you want to take it a step further by decorating the doll with glitter and flowers, we won’t stop you!

Get the instructions here: Gabriela Delworth Designs

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Gabriela Delworth Designs


The pleating on a yellow cupcake liner perfectly mimics a lion’s fluffy mane, don’t you think? Plus, this cupcake liner craft is super easy to make.

Get the instructions here: Dollar Store Mom

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Dollar Store Mom


Googly eyes make the world a better place.

These cupcake liner chicks are perfect for spring – and every other time of year too.

Get the instructions here: I Heart Crafty Things

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: I Heart Crafty Things



The next time you finish a bottle of laundry detergent, save the lid (if it’s a nice lid, that is) to use in this cupcake liner flower craft. Recycling sure can be pretty.

Get the instructions here: Meet The Dubiens

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Meet The Dubiens


Not only will making this clothespin butterfly keep your little one occupied, but you can also explain how a furry caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. It’s a science, art and life lesson all in one!

Get the instructions here: Muffin Tin Mom

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Muffin Tin Mom

Toilet paper roll craft

9 cupcake liner craftsPhoto: Creative Jewish Mom
This article was originally published on Mar 11, 2016

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