9 adorable DIY masks

Whether it’s for Halloween or a totally awesome play date, let your little ones become their favourite superhero or animal with these DIY masks.

9 adorable DIY masks

9 easy and adorable DIY masks

Superhero Mask

Whether you house a Spider-Man or a Batman, you’ll be able to whip up a mask for your little crusader so he can go save the world. Find it here: Cutesy Crafts

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Cutesy Crafts

Animal Noses

With these adorable noses and some face paint (here are a few easy tutorials!) you've got the makings for a perfect playdate. Let their imaginations run wild. Find it here: Baby Jungle

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Baby Jungle



Ba-na-na! Minions are still a kid-favourite and fortunately for you, their look is easy to replicate. Find it here: Playing with Scissors

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Laura Erikson

Adorable Animals Mask

This ladybug is too cute for words and so is the lion. And look at that fox! Find it here: Pretty Prudent

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Pretty Prudent

Paw Patrol

OK, this one is technically a hat not a mask. But these puppies are super popular, so it’s good to have them in your costume arsenal. Find it here: One Artsy Mama

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: One Artsy Mama


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mask

Does your little one want to be Donatello or Michelangelo? With a little bit of felt and some hot glue you can make her “teenage” dreams come true. Find it here: How to throw a Ninja Turtles party

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Elizabeth Wong Pagnotta

Olaf from Frozen Mask

There are no signs of kids letting go of their love for Frozen. But maybe this year you can convince her to go as Olaf, not Elsa. Find it here: Desert Chica

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Desert Chica

Angry Birds Mask

Have an Angry Birds fanatic in your house? Well, now you have a simple DIY Halloween costume. Find it here: Serving From Home

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Serving From Home


Scary Face Mask

It’s your little angel, but scary! This is such a funny idea and would make for a fun afternoon puppet show. Find it here: Bloesem

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: Bloesem Kids

Characters from CBC Mask

Not crafty? Behold the printable! Find it here: CBC

9 adorable DIY masksPhoto: CBC
This article was originally published on Oct 02, 2015

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