5 easy penny crafts

Now that the penny is being phased out, what are you to do with all that change? Try these easy penny crafts.

By Amy Valm
5 easy penny crafts

5 easy penny crafts

A penny saved is a penny to craft with

As an homage to the nearly extinct penny, here's a list of our favourite cent-imental crafts.

So don't ditch your old pennies just yet!

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: navynhum/iStockphoto

Ombre penny art

Kids will love love sorting all the pennys required for this project. Plus, they'll get a kick out of the patina-causing science experiment that creates the ombre effect.

Get the instructions at i heart nap time

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: i heart nap time


Penny word art

The beauty of this craft is you can personalize it any way you like. Spell out a special family word or write out your child's initials — the possibilities are endless!

Get the instructions at The Crafted Sparrow

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: The Crafted Sparrow

Penny spinner card

Get creative and make your own patterns and designs for a one-of-a-kind birthday card! (You can find the PDF tutorial at the bottom of the instruction page, just click the link below.)

Get the instructions at Julie's Stamping Spot

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: Julie's Stamping Spot

Penny vase

It's hard to believe this chic vase is a DIY penny project! If white is a little too grown up for your household, why not get the kids to paint on their own designs. Your little artists will love admiring their work.

Get the instructions at Kreyv

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: Kreyv


Penny card

This cute penny card is great for any occasion or anybody!

Get the instructions at Kaboose

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: Kaboose

More great crafts!

5 easy penny craftsPhoto: Creative Jewish Mom
This article was originally published on Feb 05, 2013

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