5 cute calendar crafts for kids

Welcome the new year and get organized with one of these cute DIY calendars that kids can help make.

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5 cute calendar crafts for kids

5 calendar crafts for kids

Pop-up calendar

The perfect activity for a snow day, this sweet pop-up book covers all 12 months with specific themes like pumpkins for the fall and melty ice cream cones for the summer months. Get the instructions (complete with video and templates!):

5 cute calendar crafts for kidsPhoto: Krokatak via Pinterest

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

How cute is this? If you want to make this a bigger, full-wall DIY project, all you really need is chalkboard paint and painter’s tape to make a giant wall calendar. Once the wall is dry, you can get your kids to help fill in the dates and practice their reading skills by reviewing each calendar square. Get the instructions: I Spy DIY

desk with calendar abovePhoto: I Spy DIY via Pinterest


Handprint calendar

Use what you have on hand (ha, see what we did there?) to make a cute themed calendar. Use a ruler to draw squares for the month’s dates on the lower half of a sheet of paper, then have kids decorate the top half. Get the instructions:

5 cute calendar crafts for kidsPhoto: E is for Explore via Pinterest

Clothespin Calendar

This tutorial is aimed at adults, but can easily be used for kids, too. If a monthly calendar works best for your family, skip the days of the week pins and cut out 31 squares on firm paper and have your child fill in the numbers, one for each day of the month. Then have them decorate the squares. Hang a piece of twin on the wall with tacks, and each morning put up the square that corresponds to the day. Get the insuctions:

5 cute calendar crafts for kidsPhoto: A Charming Project via Pinterest

Paint chip calendar

Head to the hardware store with your little ones in tow to pick a colour scheme. The next step is the dollar store for a frame and dry erase markers. This calendar is not only fun for kids to help make, but can help them identify colours, too (they'll maybe even want to take a crack at reading those funny paint names). Get the instructions:

5 cute calendar crafts for kidsPhoto: DIY Projects via Pinterest

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This article was originally published on Dec 20, 2012

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