1 Christmas ball, 8 ways

Check out these eight ways to transform a cheap plastic ornament into a treasured heirloom.

1 Christmas ball, 8 ways

Photo: Erik Putz

1 Christmas ball, 8 ways

01Light bright

Create a standout ornament by filling with glow-in-the-dark beads and decorating the outside with puffy paint. 

Skill level: Easy peasy

Plastic Christmas ball ornament filled with colourful beadsPhoto: Erik Putz

02Hot shot

Carefully cut out the bottom of the ornament with an exacto knife (for parents only). Trace that piece onto cardboard and cut out. Paint cardboard with white glue, sprinkle on white glitter, and secure figurine with more glue. Hot-glue bottom back in place and cover edge with a sparkly garland.

Skill level: A bit more involved

Watch how this ornament is made: Snow globe ornament

Hockey player inside of a plastic Christmas ball ornamentPhoto: Erik Putz


03Glitter bomb

Pour confetti, glitter and sequins into your ornament. Boom—you’re done.

Skill level: Easy peasy

Plastic Christmas ball ornament filled with glitterPhoto: Erik Putz

04Au naturel

Add all your scavenger-hunt treasures to a ball. 

Skill level: Easy peasy

DIY Christmas ball ornament filled with pineconesPhoto: Erik Putz


Pour a bit of paint into your ball, coating the inside. Let dry for a day or two. Wrap cellophane around it, tying the ends with ribbon.

Skill level: Easy peasy

Plastic Christmas ball ornament that looks like candyPhoto: Erik Putz


06Triple threat

Use troll hair, felt and hot glue to make the spookiest ornament around.

Skill level: A bit more involved

Christmas ball ornament turned into a monsterPhoto: Erik Putz

07Colour full

Little shards of broken crayons and a blow-dryer are all you need for this speckled masterpiece. If you want a more marbleized look, heat up your bauble for another minute or two.

Skill level: A bit more involved

1 Christmas ball, 8 waysPhoto: Erik Putz

08Get inked

Just like you’d do on your bicep, apply temporary tattoos to your bauble.

Skill level: Easy peasy

easy DIY Christmas ball ornament with tattoosPhoto: Erik Putz

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This article was originally published on Nov 28, 2018

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