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Sponsored: ECHOage — 10 reasons to host a birthday party that contributes to charity

ECHOage helps busy parents host birthday parties that also give to charity. Here are ten ways charitable giving feels great for the whole family.

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Here are ten reasons why hosting a birthday party that contributes to charity will make everyone — guests, hosts and birthday kid alike — feel great.

1. First, and foremost, the feeling from giving is unmatched by any other feeling (even when you are four years old!).

2. Giving at an early age sets the stage for generous givers as they grow. How's that for “pay-it-forward?”

3. Giving to charity doesn't need to be packaged or wrapped.

4. Generosity is infectious.


5. Empathy loves company. Learning about others in need will inspire those around you to follow in your footsteps.

6. Feel proud of yourself as a parent for guiding your child toward the needs of others in your town, city and global community.

7. Become a leader in your community by giving back to your own school or local charity at your next birthday party.

8. Get the Friend of the Year Award! Give guests an opportunity to give a meaningful birthday gift (while still in their pajamas).

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9. Spark meaningful dialogue with your child. Turning a new age is the perfect (and fun) time to ignite a conversation that could otherwise be delicate.

10. Bragging rights. Do something new and cool.

Loved by busy parents, ECHOage is an online birthday party website with a charitable twist. Reinventing the birthday party experience for the modern-day family, ECHOage gives parents all the tools they need to plan and manage an effortless birthday party, while teaching their children about the value of giving at the same time. Guests contribute funds securely online. The funds are split in two. Half go toward the charity of the child's choice AND the other half toward the child's desired birthday gifts. – A Better Way to Celebrate.

This article was originally published on Jan 25, 2014

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