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May 2013 birthday wishes

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By Today's Parent staff
May 2013 birthday wishes

"Happy third birthday to our busy bee, Simona. Mommy and Daddy send millions of hugs and kisses your way on this special day. We can't wait to celebrate with you! Lots of love, Mommy and Daddy." – Claudia and Tony Bonofiglio

"Happy first birthday to our beautiful baby girl, Olivia! You fill our lives with so much love and laughter everyday. We love you to the moon and back. Love, Mommy and Daddy" – Kim and  Eddy Lima

"Happy first birthday to our lovely Lila! Your sweet face and playful curiosity make every day something to look forward to. Thank you for filling our lives with so much joy and endless love.  XO Mama and Dada" – Rebekah Warner and Lysander Lee

"Happy first birthday to our sweet Gracie! Your joy, love and curiosity amaze us; your smile can brighten the gloomiest day. We are truly lucky to call ourselves your parents. We love you so, so much!" – Ana and Tino ledo

"Happy tenth birthday, Charlotte! Life sure was different 10 years ago before you arrived – not nearly as exciting, fun or memorable. You are our shining star! We luva, luva, luva you!"  XO Mommy, Daddy and Colton"

"Happy first birthday to our little Laia! You make our world brighter every day. And happy third birthday to our little guy, Chace, who always keeps us smiling. We love you both so much!  Love Mommy and Daddy."

"Happy second birthday to our beautiful little Gemini Chloe. Your spirit and determination are an inspiration and your smile and sense of humour brings us so much joy and laughter. We love you forever and always, Mommy and Daddy xo"

"Happy first birthday to our twin miracle babies, Shaan and Suhani. You have filled our days, which was once empty, with lots of laughter, happiness and proud moments. We love you and can't wait to share more memorable moments with you both. You are both angels sent to us from up above. Double the love and double the kisses, from Mommy and Daddy." – Sonal Nagar


"Happy first birthday, Ethan! You are a wonderful joy and a shining star that's as bright as the sun. Your infectious laugh and sweet smile are blessings to our family. You have accomplished so much in one little year. Today, we are celebrating and we'll give you a cheer! Love Mommy and Daddy." –  Elaine and Mike Apostolopoulos

"Happy first birthday to our little monster, Antonio. You make every day more special than the last. Love always, Mommy and Daddy. Xoxo" – Chrissy and Frank Cortese

"Happy first birthday to our sweet Larkin! You are such an amazing little girl and have accomplished so much in a year! Your smiles and giggles are contagious and you light up our lives each and every day! More fun times ahead! Hugs and kisses and much much love, Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Teegan." – Khamprasong and Margaret Sithivong

"Happy fifth birthday to big sister, Avery, and Happy first birthday to Presley! You both are always making us smile....even if it is at 3AM! Love, Mom and Dad xoxo"

This article was originally published on May 06, 2013

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