Birthday parties

Make a potted flower treat

This edible flower is as delicious as it is pretty! Prepare it for your garden-themed birthday party.

Garden Party5

Throwing a garden-themed birthday party? Make your own chocolate pudding planters!

Garden Party11

1. Assemble red and green fruit leather, small piping tip, pretzel sticks, chocolate pudding, spoon, chocolate cookie crumbs and baked mini tart shells.

Garden Party122. Cut out 7 or more circle ‘petals’ from red fruit leather with the bottom of piping tip. Wrap 2 petals around tip of a pretzel ‘stem’, then continue to stick petals around the bud, overlapping as you go.

Garden Party133. Cut out circles from green fruit leather, then use the piping tip to cut out part of the circle to make a ‘leaf’. Attach leaf on pretzel ‘stems’.

Garden Party144. Fill tart shells with chocolate pudding, then sprinkle with chocolate cookie crumbs. Stick flowers into ‘pots’.

Garden Party5

5. Eat up!

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