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How to throw an emoji party

Take the fun off-line and throw this fab emoji birthday bash!


Let’s face it: emojis make texting a whole lot cheerier. An array of expressive faces to punctuate sentences adds a little extra personality to the texts that fly among tweens. And what better way to feed their love of these itty-bitty digital faces than by hosting a birthday bash where kids can really get in touch with their emoji-onal side? Decorate by sticking emoji decals on your walls, and create a giant emoji for Pin The Face On The Emoji. You’ll need a hula hoop, yellow tablecloth, bristol board, scissors, a stapler and double-sided tape. Hold the cloth taut around the hoop and staple it in place. Cut out the features from bristol board, place tape on the back of each and set aside. As your guests roll in, give everyone’s thumbs a rest from texting and have fun designing emoji necklaces. Then break out the blindfold and give each guest a shot at pinning features on the big emoji—sure to induce ROFL. For lunch, serve up mini emoji pizzas, using toppings to create the faces. (Tip: Pepper slices make great eyebrows.) For snacks, draw expressions on mini Gouda cheese wheels using black food-colouring pens, and serve them up alongside sandwich-cookie lollipop treats. Have a GR8 time!



These emoji-onal treats are easy to recreate. Pick up Mini Babybel Swiss cheese from your local supermarket and use coloured permanent markers to draw on various emoji faces. Serve these (and some crackers!) to your hungry partygoers.




Emoji masks

Use yellow paper plates, construction paper, permanent markers and large Popsicle sticks to make these funny-face masks.

Emoji wall decals

Cut circles from construction paper and use permanent markers or paint to create various facial expressions. Use double-sided tape to affix to the wall.

Emoji balloons


Fill yellow balloons with helium and draw an emoji-fied face on each. Tie white string to the end of each balloon and let them float about the party space.


How to make emoji necklaces:


1. You will need a rolling pin, black and red permanent markers, beads, yellow modelling clay, plastic laces, toothpicks and a circular cookie cutter.


2. Roll out two inches of clay with the rolling pin to a thickness of a centimetre. Cut out discs with the cookie cutter; then poke two holes in each disc using a toothpick.

3. Bake the discs at 110°C for 30 min. Once cooled, draw an emoji face on each disc, feed the string through the holes, add beads and tie the ends.
4. Ta-da!
Emoji-Birthday-Party-Article-Todays-Parent8 How awesome are these emoji cookie pops? Find the instructions to make these marvellous morsels here!
A version of this article appeared in the March 2015 issue with the headline “emoji party” on pp. 22. 
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This article was originally published on May 26, 2015

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