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How to throw a Pokémon party

Gather your Poké-obsessed trainers and set up a Poké gym for a celebration that goes beyond pin the tail on the Pikachu.

Treat: Pokémon candy apples
1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Remove the stems from 10 small red apples and then push wooden dowels into the tops of the apples. Cut strips of black licorice to almost fit the circumference of the apples (leave a little space for the centre button).

2. Melt 2 cups of white Candy Melts in the microwave, stirring halfway through, 1 to 2 min. Holding the apple by the dowel, dip the bottom half into the melted candy. Remove, slowly turning the apple to let excess drip off. Place on sheet.

3. Immediately wrap a licorice strip around the apple, over the melted candy. Separate the biscuit and cream halves of 10 mini Oreos. Using a dab of the melted candy to help it stick, attach an Oreo, cream-side out, to the centre of the apple.

Illustration: Flo Leung

Illustration: Flo Leung

Activity: Green thumbs
Let your guests expand their Pokédex by planting and caring for their very own Oddish, a grass-type Pokémon. Buy little pots and shovels at a dollar store, and a bag of potting soil and small leafy plants at Home Depot. First, lay down a tarp. Glue small rocks (or blue pompoms) to the bottoms for feet. Show kids how to paint the pots blue; let dry, then add eyes and mouths. Fill each pot with dirt and a plant. So cute!

Game: Catch ’em all
Use red and black markers to draw Poké Ball patterns onto Styrofoam balls. Hide them around your house, and let the kids go wild finding them, Easter egg–hunt style.

Illustration: Flo Leung

Illustration: Flo Leung

Serve: Power up
Serve party snacks in clear cups, arranged by colour-coded energy cards: kiwi or cucumbers for grass energy, pineapple for lightning, strawberries for fire and blueberries for water. Use black electrician’s tape to attach red and white tablecloths and a white paper plate in the middle to resemble a Poké Ball.

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