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How to throw a basketball party

Throw a slam dunk of a party for your little MVP with this simple basketball fête.

How to throw a basketball party

Basketball party

Throw a slam dunk party

Itty-bitty b-ballers will have a swishing good time at this easy-to-throw basketball party.  

At halftime, have a friendly game of Jump. Have each kid take aim at the basket. Each swoosh equals a letter; four baskets spell the word “jump” (or you could spell out the guest of honour’s name). Once a player completes the word, he wins a prize.


How to throw a basketball partyPhoto: Roberto Caruso

DIY macramé-inspired hoop

You can cater to guests of all heights by hanging our cute DIY hoops at different levels so everyone has a chance to make a slam dunk. We made the “backboard” with washi tape for painless removal afterward. (You could also use foam board.) Start the party with a warm-up dribbling exercise and watch the little superstars race down the “court.” Alley-oop! 

You’ll need: white cotton string, scissors and a 20-cm embroidery hoop.

1. Cut 12 pieces of string, approximately 90 cm long. Fold each piece in half and place the fold under the hoop; pull ends through the loop and around the hoop to secure. 

2. Take one string and knot it with the string on its right, 5 cm down. Repeat all the way around.

3. Repeat twice more to make three rows.

4. Using a bulldog clip, hang hoop on a picture hook.

How to throw a basketball partyPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Make a pennant

Have your court stars make vintage pennants they can take home. All you need is stiffened felt, tacky glue, dowels, precut letters, glitter and any other decoration you desire. 

Cut out two identical triangles from stiffened felt. Glue pieces together, sandwiching a dowel in place. Add a strip of felt to cover the dowel. Decorate with letters, cut-outs and glitter.




How to throw a basketball partyPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Trim 5 cm off the top of a white paper bag (available at craft and party stores), draw a net pattern with black marker on one side, and line the edge with orange washi tape. To make a backboard, outline white card stock with marker, draw a smaller rectangle in the centre and affix felt initials. Glue bag to backboard. Fill with basketball-themed loot, like gum balls, clementines (draw lines on them with marker) and bouncy balls.

How to throw a basketball partyPhoto: Roberto Caruso


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This article was originally published on Feb 16, 2016

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