Birthday parties

How to make a decorative washi tape banner

If you think duct tape is versatile, you haven't met washi tape. Grab a few colourful rolls and make this easy birthday banner.

By Amy Valm

A custom-made banner is a sweet party decoration. But ordering one from Etsy or a local maker can get a little pricey. Instead, use your computer and printer to make your own. It’ll require a bit of effort but minimal talent, and it’s reusable—after the party, simply take the letters off the string and store them flat in an envelope.

Birthday-banner-birthday-hacks-supplies-1280x9601. Choose a blocky typeface in Word. Use the Text Effect function to create outlined letters.

birthday-banner-step-1-1280x9602.  Print letters on white paper, then apply tape in repeating strips to cover the letters.

birthday-banner-step-2-1280x9603. Following the outline (it will show through), cut out each letter. Punch holes.

birthday-banner-step-3-1280x9604. String letters together on twine. You can easily move them around to adjust.

A version of this article appeared in our March + April 2017 issue with the headline “Party on,” pp. 51-9. Photos by Erik Putz.

This article was originally published on Mar 01, 2017