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Craft: Magnifying glass treat

We've got the clues to help you solve this elementary planning puzzle.

Craft: Magnifying glass treat

Craft: A magnifying glass treat


You'll need black licorice, Oreos, white icing. wooden skewers, and a pair of scissors.

Craft: Magnifying glass treatStep 1: Materials


Cut the ends off the licorice and push a skewer though. Separate the cookie and place the licorice on one half, adding more icing on top.

Craft: Magnifying glass treatStep 2: Getting started



Put the cookie back together (with the licorice secured inside). Add the "glass" by frosting a circle in the centre of the cookie.

Craft: Magnifying glass treatStep 3: Making your magnifying glass


Ta-da! Your cookie magnifying glass treat is ready to go! Check out the rest of the ideas we've come up with for your awesome detective party.

Craft: Magnifying glass treatStep 4: Enjoy!
This article was originally published on Jul 10, 2013

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