Birthday parties

6 cheap ways to entertain kids at a birthday party

Try these easy, inexpensive ways to keep your birthday guests busy and entertained at the party.

group of kids having fun at a birthday a party

Photo: Erik Putz

1. Freeze dance
Play music and have kids dance around. When the music stops, they have to freeze.

2. Simon Says
Go old school with this classic.

3. Face painting
You could hire a pro, but most kids (especially younger ones) aren’t too picky. Ask a friend instead—just have her watch a few YouTube tutorials first.

4. Balloon pit
Fill a room with dozens of balloons. Close the door, and let the kids go crazy.

5. Scavenger hunt
Create and hand out lists of things that can be found outside—leaf, stick, stone, pine cone—and send the crew out to hunt.

6. Take it outside
If weather permits and you can secure a spot, head to the park. Bring Frisbees and balls. Or, tell guests it’s a Bring Your Own Wheels party. Meet at the school yard or park with scooters, bikes and trikes.

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