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Kids' birthday cake ideas: Paint drip

This paint drip cake is one of our easiest but most effective birthday cake ideas. All you need is cake, vanilla icing, and get tub icing.



  • three cake layers
  • vanilla icing
  • gel tube icing in assorted colours (as many or as few as you’d like)



1. Stack cake layers, spreading vanilla icing between each layer. Completely cover cake with more icing. Smooth tops and sides with a palette knife or spatula.

2013-11(November)Birthdays32. Squeeze gel icing on top of cake to make a colour wheel (each wedge should be a different colour). Squeeze icing down the top edge of cake to make “paint drippings.”

2013-11(November)Birthdays4A version of this article appeared in the November 2013 issue of Today’s Parent.

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