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Kids' birthday cake ideas: Marshmallow martians

These marshmallow alien DIY cake decorations are easy to make and—dare we say it—out of this world.



  • medium and large white marshmallows
  • small green marshmallows
  • clear corn syrup
  • green sugar, green licorice hard candies, mini chocolate candies
  • paper straws
  • scissors



1. Poke straws through large white marshmallows for “heads.” Lightly coat with corn syrup, then roll or dust in green sugar. Cut medium white marshmallows into thin slices and halve small green marshmallows diagonally.


2. Stick chocolate candies onto sliced white marshmallows for eyes, then stick onto the green head. Put mini green marshmallow halves onto the sides of heads to make ears. Poke green licorice “antennae” into the top.


A version of this article appeared in the October 2013 issue.

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