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August 2012 birthday wishes

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By Today's Parent staff
August 2012 birthday wishes

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To our beautiful angel baby Sophia! Wishing you a happy 2nd birthday on August 18th. You are such a caring and smart little girl and you make us so proud. Sophia-Mouse, we love being on this journey with you as you discover new things everyday - you fill our lives with so much joy. Lots of love forever from Dada, Momma and baby Bic-Toria! —Cristina Attard

Happy 1st Birthday to our boo bear! Caleb Michael, you are our pride and joy! This has been the best year of our lives. Watching you change and grow each day has been a blessing. Hugs and kisses, Love Mommy & Daddy!! —Alyssa Barr & Justin Middleton

Zack, Happy you-day, Bubba. Thanks for 2 years of awesome. Love, Your Parental Units —Karen and Scott

Happy second birthday to the love of our life, Isabella Michelle. We are so blessed to have you in our world. You must have been heaven sent! Love Mom and Dad and all your aunts, uncles, cousins and nonni. —Mary & Michael Tedesco

"To Rykin who is turning six. To Corbin who is turning eight. To our Angel Issah who would be turning nine. Mommy and Daddy are blessed every day for having you in our lives. Your smiles are gorgeous and your belly laughs are contagious. We love you so much." Leigh and Brendan Bonnis   

"Happy first birthday, Kingsley and Cierra. Kingsley, your clapping hands fill our hearts as you play. Cierra, your big personality brightens every day. You are our special blessings and our joy. Love with hugs and kisses, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Godmother Aunt Lisa and Godmother Aunt Cindy." Ming and Ed Vardy

"Happy first birthday little Ninster! You are our daily dose of sunshine! May you grow healthy, smart and kind. From your family, the Wardawas and the Schabowskis." Kuba and Magda

"Happy fourth birthday to Jocelyn and happy second birthday to Katelyn, our two Baby Roo. We are so happy to see how much you love each other. You are the sweetest cupcakes in our lives. Lots of love and kisses from Mama Roo and Papa Roo." Wilma Li


"Happy fifth birthday to my beautiful Kaydence Lilly. You make Mommy proud each and every day! I love you!" Angie Smith

"Happy seventh birthday to our imaginative and creative Jaishan — we love you so much! Love from Mommy, Daddy and Micah (and puppy kisses from Leia, too!)" Loria Kulathungam

"Happy first birthday to my little one, Kole! I'm so excited to finally have a birthday to celebrate in the summertime. You are our little sunshine. Love Mommy, Daddy and Jaxson. xoxo" Nicole Gomez

"Happy seventh birthday Holly! Oh how fast time flies! Please try and stay little. Love Mom, Dad and little sister Lilly." Cheri Compeau

"Happy fourth birthday to our beautiful Maggie! Mommy and Daddy are so proud and blessed to have you in our lives. You are turning into a wonderful big sister to Thomas, and we all love you more and more every day!" Janet Harder


"Happy birthday to Caetlyn and Alexander. We love you! Love, Mommy, Daddy and the whole family." Caryn Leah

"Happy fourth birthday to our beautiful Deanna! You surprise us every day with your spunky personality! We love you so much, sweetie. Mamma, Papa and Christopher." Dan and Adriana Bruni

"Avery and Asher: two of the sweetest, smartest girls on the planet. Happy birthday to each of you this summer. We love you! Daddy and Mommy. Sean and Kairn McElhanney

"Happy fourth birthday to Aliyah May, and happy second birthday to Nathan! You both make my days shine a little brighter, and my smiles last a little longer. Thank you for blessing me with so much joy. Mommy loves you guys with all my heart. xoxo." Helen Vongphakdy

"Happy first birthday Elyssa, and happy third birthday Alexis. We are so blessed to have two beautiful little princesses. We love you both so much. Love Mommy and Daddy." Stewart and Trish McEachern

This article was originally published on Nov 09, 2012

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