3 best store-bought icings

Based on our rigorous office taste tests, this trio of frostings has the best shot of passing for homemade.

Photo: Amazon.ca
Photo: Amazon.ca

1. Betty Crocker Whipped Fluffy White
Smooth and faintly reminiscent of marshmallow fluff, this one creates nice peaks and holds its shape.

Photo: Duncanhines.ca
Photo: Duncanhines.ca

2. Duncan Hines Creamy Milk Chocolate
This fudgy frosting came out on top for its sweet, smooth flavour.

Photo: Amazon.ca
Photo: Amazon.ca

3. Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate
Super soft, this one spread the best.

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A version of this article appeared in our April 2016 issue with the headline “Piece of cake”, p. 51. 

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