Adorable Baby Boy Halloween Costume Ideas

Adorable Baby Boy Halloween Costume Ideas


If Halloween is your Christmas, you've probably been thinking about your child's first costume since before they were even born. Enjoy choosing their costume while you can because before you know it, they'll be begging to dress as a movie princess, superhero or comic book character you've never heard of.

Whether you want to buy or DIY a costume, the ideas below are classic and easy. When choosing a costume for your baby, ensure it's comfortable, easy to put on and take off and doesn't pose any safety risks. Read on for the cutest costume ideas for your baby's big night.

Newborn Halloween Costumes (0-3 Months)

Getting your newborn into an adorable elaborate costume is exciting, but keeping it simple for his first go around may be better. Too many accessories could be a choking hazard and too many layers could make diaper changes difficult.

Here are some ideas for your newborn:

Swaddled baby pumpkin

baby swaddled in a pumpkin costume

This spin on swaddles is both familiar and festive. Buy this costume at the link below, or DIY it with an orange muslin blanket and beanie. The hat's stem can be easily recreated with a green pipe cleaner or equivalent.

Tiny superhero

Child dressed as Batman


Take the first steps in establishing a superhero-loving household with a classic costume like this one. This costume zips up just like pyjamas, so it's easy to put on even the squirmiest of newborns.

Adorable animal onesies

Child dressed as a lion

Just like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of OZ, your newborn can harness the courage of the king of the jungle with these simple and adorable animal onesies. Want to make your own? Choose your baby's coziest onesie and create a matching headband with ears.

Costumes for Older Infants (3-9 Months)

Older infants can wear more elaborate costumes as they probably have more mobility and head control. But be sure to try on the costume in advance to make sure that they're comfortable and there are no choking hazards.

Here are some options for your infant:

Classic storybook characters

peter pan boy's costume

What better costume for your baby than the boy who never grew up? (We'll hold onto those baby snuggles as long as we can!) Or if you're a fan of A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh is a cuddly and classic option.

These ideas can easily be done with solid-coloured onesies and craft supplies, like making Peter Pan's hat with felt and hot glue.

Occupational costumes

doctor costume pajamas

Do you secretly wish your child will have a PhD when they grow up? Manifest it with these cute occupational costumes. Props such as a doctor's stethoscope or a chef's hat can be easily purchased at a costume store.


Unisex Doctor Costume Pajama Set, $16:

Pop Culture References

Child doll dressed up as baby yoda

Sometimes dressing up your baby is simply for your amusement. Pop culture references will get a chuckle out of everyone—your baby might even crack a smile. Baby Yoda is an adorable option that stands the test of time.

Toddler Halloween Costumes (1-2 Years)

Once your little one has become a 1-year-old, you can start doing all the above costumes but make them more elaborate and specific to your child's interests.

Favourite cartoon or TV show characters

Adorable Baby Boy Halloween Costume Ideas


What could be better for your growing todder than seeing themselves as a character in their favourite TV show? Make this a Halloween to remember with a cozy costume they'll adore.

Cute animal costumes with more detail and accessories

Child dressed as a lion

This is similar to the animal costumes for a newborn, except you can afford to take some more creative liberties. For example, you can get fur on your lion onesie which would have been a choking hazard for a younger child. Remember that your child should not use face paint until they are at least three years old.

Matching family costume ideas

children dressed as crayons

Have the whole family join in for a group costume that will create memories for you and photos they'll laugh at later. DIY costumes also allow families to work on their costumes together for a fun craft night—even if the baby is just scribbling with crayons.


This crayon costume idea is instantly recognizable and easy to create.

Safety and Comfort Considerations

To keep your child from being overstimulated, it is recommended that they don't start trick or treating (with parental supervision) until around three years old. Your young child should also not be using masks or face paint. Sharp edges or paint entering their eyes or mouth is unsafe.

Choose lightweight costumes and add light layers underneath so you can add or remove layers to keep them from overheating. Check costumes beforehand to ensure they are comfortable and safe, with no rough edges or irritating textures.

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