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Our Editor-in-Chief, Karine Ewart, addresses some of your parenting concerns.

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If you live in 24 Hours markets (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) you may have noticed our weekly Today’s Parent feature on Tuesday mornings. I really love getting questions from all of you for my Ask Karine segment.

Here are a few of your past questions answered:
My three-year-old daughter is afraid at swimming lessons. What should I do? Jody, via Facebook
Believe it or not, I used to be a lifeguard/swimming instructor. It’s really important for kids to gain confidence in the water at their own pace. First, you need make sure the instructor matches your child’s temperament. If you don’t think the instructor is compassionate enough, speak to a supervisor and see if there is another class she can join. Just sitting on the side with her feet in the water should be enough to start; watching other kids having a good time should also help, but never force her to go in the water if she isn’t comfortable. Ask the instructor to gently encourage her to get involved, but still allow her to set her own pace. If it’s still really a struggle you may want to consider a parent-and-tot class.

How do I know if my five-month-old baby is happy? 2ulovemom, via Twitter
I love this question because every new parent can appreciate what you are feeling. I remember being told babies smile at around six weeks, but my daughter, Milla, didn’t smile until she was more than two months old and I became very concerned that there was something wrong. But now that she’s 10, and her personality is much easier to read, I realize some kids are just more expressive than others. So you need to learn your child’s other cues: Do his eyes light up when he sees you? Does he seem impressed with himself if he tries something new? From a medical perspective, a baby’s range of emotions begins to develop between four and six months, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more expressions soon. If you are concerned, bring it up with your doctor at your child’s six-month checkup.

So throw them at me. (Even if you don’t get 24 Hours I’d still love to hear from you!) What’s your burning parenting question? I’m not an expert, but with four kids I’ve probably experienced it. And being the Editor-in-Chief of Canada’s largest national parenting magazine means I have myriad of experts at my fingertips. What can I help you with?

Photo by peasap via Flickr.

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