VIDEO: The coolest domino tricks ever

Your kids will love the amazing domino tricks in this far-out video. Watch it now!

20,000 dominoes + three months of work = probably the coolest domino video we’ve ever seen! Yes, there’s nearly four minutes of domino-tumbling magic here to impress the kids (some of whom might not even be familiar with the classic old-school game).

Apparently, domino videos are a thing on youtube (but then what isn’t?); there are tons of crazy clips showcasing people’s domino skills.

Our favourite moments from this fun video are the wild spiral at the one-minute mark and the creative domino-playing-card combo at 1:30. Oh, and the red and black domino castle at 2:20 is pretty cool, too.

Just know that once your child see this he’ll be asking you to step up your game the next time the dominos come out.

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