8 video games you won't feel guilty about your kids playing

The best video games for kids are interactive, creative, educational or active—and fun, too! Here are 8 games you can really get behind.

1. Ring Fit Adventure

This colourful, fitness-focused adventure uses a special ring and leg accessories to encourage physical activity by turning movements into actions on screen. Kids will press, pull, stretch, and run their way to fun.

Nintendo Switch, $100

2. Kodable

This app teaches kids the fundamentals of coding logic using visual-oriented activities, such as programming the movement of characters by sliding arrow tiles into the correct sequence. Eventually, kids will be able to build their very own games.

iOS, $10/month

3. Super Mario Maker 2

Simple tools let kids design and build the Mario levels of their dreams. Better still, they can share their creations with–and receive constructive feedback from–a well-monitored community of engaged players.

Nintendo Switch, $80

4. Dragon Quest Builders 2

What if Minecraft had an epic story? That’s the idea behind this mining and crafting game inspired by Minecraft, in which groups of players work together to design and rebuild a ruined fantasy world.

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, $80

5. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In this traditional sports game kids can learn about a broad range of authentic and exciting Olympic events, from swimming and gymnastics to surfing and sport climbing.

Nintendo Switch, $80

6. The Robot Factory

Young robot enthusiasts are given creative freedom to design their very own virtual moving machines and then test how well they function with simulated real-world physics.

iOS, $3

7. Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece

Older kids will enjoy this informative and interactive tour, developed with historians and set in a sprawling simulation of ancient Greece. 

PC, $27

8. Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy

Players get to solve hundreds of tricky brainteasers–including riddles, math and geometry problems, and logical conundrums–while taking on the role of London investigator Katrielle Layton.

Nintendo Switch, 3DS, $50

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