Valentine's Day cards you and your kids can make

Craft sweet DIY valentines for friends and family

By Heather Camlot
Valentine's Day cards you and your kids can make

Card 1: Paper mates

What you’ll need: Cardstock Inkjet printer (optional) Scrap paper Buttons Stick glue Scissors


  1. Print template (ours is sized for 210 x 148 mm cardstock, before folded) or draw a similar pattern onto cardstock.
  2. Cut out scraps of complementary coloured papers into the simple shapes, then glue each piece onto the image.
  3. Glue two buttons for the faces.

Card 2: Heart strings

What you’ll need: Cardstock Heart-shaped cookie cutters Embroidery floss in various colours Scissors Stick glue Pencil


  1. Cut embroidery floss so that it's the same 400 as your cookie cutter, then separate the strands.
  2. Place your cookie cutter where you want the design on your cardstock.
  3. Apply glue to cardstock in centre of your cookie cutter, then, push one strand of floss at a time around edges of glued area to outline the shape. Depending on the size of the cookie cutter, use a finger or pencil to help direct and secure the floss.
  4. After the shape’s outline is done, add more strands haphazardly into the cookie cutter, pressing down as you go.
  5. When satisfied, carefully lift the cookie cutter and press down any loose floss.
  6. Move to the next spot on your card and repeat steps 3 to 5 until your card is complete.
This article was originally published on Jan 27, 2012

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