Two new kids' shows geared for the digital generation

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By Carly Deziel
Two new kids' shows geared for the digital generation

Two new kids shows are hitting the airwaves, but both have a bit of a twist to them. The first, Finding Stuff Out! premieres this Friday, Jan. 20th, on TVO kids – a science-oriented series with a web-interactive component. The second, Totally Amp'd, is a new musically charged series which launches on Thursday Jan. 26 only on mobile devices. Intrigued, or maybe confused?! Check out more info below:
Show: Finding Stuff Out!
Age Range: Geared towards 11-year-olds and younger
Calling all inquisitive kids out there — now is your chance to ask those burning and puzzling questions that your parents just don’t seem to know the answers to: like “Is snow really white?” and “Can a horse and pig communicate?” Think Bill Nye the science guy, but with a younger host and a modernized twist. Harrison Houde (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) brings a funky and interactive element to this fun new program. Harrison invites experts to the show to help explain and answer these real-life mysteries. The best aspect of this series is how questions come straight from the kids themselves. Harrison participates in an online web-forum through TVO's website, where kids can submit and upload their inquiries. Check local listings for TV showtimes. Episodes can also be viewed online at:
Show: Totally Amp’d
Age Range: Geared towards 8- to 14-year-olds
In this new pop show for kids and tweens, Totally Amp'd brings together five teenagers, all musically gifted in their own right, to be the next pop super group. The series launches with 10 "appisodes" — that’s right folks, it’s like a webisode, but this time only available to watch on your mobile devices through Apple's App Store, where it's available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. After checking out the first appisode I had a tiny crush on the soon-to-be heartthrob of the group, singer/songwriter Tyler (played by Brock Morgan) — he's the tall one, with side-combed black hair and usually sports a leather jacket. I also couldn't get the band's first track called: “It’s Not a Dream” out of my head. The best aspect of the show is that each appisode unlocks interactive content so kids can channel their inner creativity by making posters, album covers, customize the band's look, and much more. A definite hit for your music-loving, tweeny boopers. Available on January 26 – the first appisode can be downloaded for free at Apple's App Store. And you can also check out the first appisode right now at the Totally Amp’d YouTube page

This article was originally published on Jan 20, 2012

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