Today's Parent holiday playlist

Today's Parent editorial coordinator, and What's playing? blogger, Carly Deziel shares her favourite holiday music

Carly rocking out with her sister's new drums

Each Christmas Eve when I was young, my DJ dad would spin holiday tunes for my mom, sister and I into the wee hours of the night. Now as an adult, my sister, her family and I have kept this tradition going. Last Christmas Eve we introduced my favourite holiday songs (taken from my Dad’s Christmas Eve playlist) to my then 2-year-old niece.

She took to these songs right away. I assumed the classic Chipmunks’ tune “Christmas Don’t Be Late” would be her favourite, but was pleasantly surprised when she continued shouting over-and-over again, “Let them know it’s Christmas time” from the iconic ’80s Band Aid song, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Below is music that comes from my family to share with yours. I believe you’ll find there is a song in this list for everyone.

Today’s Parent Holiday Mix
Do They Know It’s Christmas?     Band Aid Do They Know It’s Christmas?
All I Want for
Christmas Is You  
Mariah Carey Merry Christmas         
(Baby Please Come Home)   
U2  A Very Special Christmas,
Vol. 1
Last Christmas         Wham!   All Time Greatest Christmas Album 2001
Frosty the Snowman     The Ronettes    A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector 
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town   The Crystals  A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector  
Sleigh Ride The Ronettes  A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector
Little Saint Nick     The Beach Boys Christmas With the Beach Boys
I Saw Mommy Kissing
Santa Claus     
John Mellencamp     A Very Special Christmas,
Vol. 1
The Chipmunk Song
(Christmas Don’t Be Late)
The Chipmunks Christmas With the Chipmunks


Visit the iTunes store to put together your version of this playlist. Happy holidays!

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What are your favourite holiday songs?

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