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Throw an elf-workshop birthday party!

Treat your December baby to a super-special party this year

By Bunch
Throw an elf-workshop birthday party!

Kids with birthdays close to the holidays might feel like they’ve been short-changed. Let them know that their birthday isn’t any less special because of its proximity to Christmas and Hanukkah. Get them excited about being born at this very special time of year by turning their party into an elf workshop.

Age range: 5-9

Invites: Know how kids send letters off to Santa and sometimes even get responses from the North Pole? Yeah, these invites should come from the North Pole, too. (Postal code H0H 0H0)

Decorations: Make a run to your favourite craft supply location and pick up some cotton batting and maybe that spray snow/frost for your windows and mirrors. Give your party location (living room? basement rec room?) a North Pole-y feel with fluffy, cotton-y fake snow and a couple giant novelty candy canes. Wrap any banisters or columns in wide red ribbon for more candy cane fun. Both Hermey and Buddy the Elf worked in pretty plain work spaces, so you don’t have to do much to the table, or wherever the kids are crafting.

Games and Activities: As the party guests are taking part in an elf workshop, party guests should look elf-like. Upon arrival at the party, give each guest an elf hat and have them choose an elf name. Use a Mad Libs-style approach: fun noun + silly adjective +  fun noun. Write words on index cards, divide into two piles and have each kid pick three cards to make up their elf name. (Cards can be reused kid-to-kid)

Sample names: Rainbow Giggly Pet or Snow Cranky Scarf

Now, let’s get down to elf business. Pick two DIY ornament activities based on the kids’ interest and fine- -motor-skill level and let the elves do their thing. We like felt trees, paint-swirl bulbs and beaded snowflakes, but using sparkly pipe cleaners.


Make the birthday elf feel special: Santa should make a special appearance at the Elf Party to say Happy Birthday to the elf du jour and deliver a gift. Needless to say, Santa will stay for milk and cookies.

Food: Stick to kid-favourites (pizza, spaghetti, grilled cheese) and not elf-favourites (candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.) If someone’s none too pleased about a vegetable tray, mildly threaten him or her that Santa would want them to eat all their veggies, or else.

Cake or dessert: Heavy on the candy canes! (Unless your birthday boy or girl is not a fan of peppermint.) We like chocolate cake with chocolate icing and candy cane ice cream. After cake and ice cream could be free playtime (hide and seek, toys, movie (Elf), etc.)

Loot bags/favours: Kids get to bring home their elf hats and the two decorations they made. And maybe a candy cane.

Shopping list: - Elf or Santa hats - Wide red ribbon - Spray snow - Cotton batting - Craft supplies (beads + pipe cleaners, buttons + felt, clear bulbs + paint)

This article was originally published on Dec 06, 2011

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