Stuff we love: 6 games under $40

We found these beautiful games on (a site we love!). They’re made and sold by gifted artists who can take the most simple game and turn it into an original

By Kristy Woudstra
Stuff we love: 6 games under $40

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40

Magnet puzzle

This game comes with eight faces to mix and match. The artist’s acrylic paintings are digitally printed and adhered to a sheet of magnet, so your kids can play with these on magnetic surfaces…like the fridge while you cook! 

Where to Buy? Magnet puzzle with funny faces
LaCasuni Tienda, Rosario, Argentina

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40

Wooden Skittles

Each set of this classic game includes 10 wooden pins and one wooden ball. You have your choice of colours, as well. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

Where to Buy? Wee Wooden skittles play set
star howse, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40


Roygbi nesting bowls

Washable, soft and bendy, each nesting bowl is crocheted from recycled t-shirts. The eco-friendly set includes six bright bowls of varying sizes so you can stack them in a tower or nestle them together. A great educational toy.

Where to Buy? Roygbi Nesting Bowls
yourmomdesigns, Durham, North Carolina

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40

Make a match

This travel-sized memory game includes 24 wooden coins with original hand-drawn images. Pictured is the zoo-theme set, but nine other themes are available, including: nature, monsters, space and beach.

Where to Buy? Make a Match - Zoo Edition
Mama May I, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40

Bean bags

These bean bags come in sets of eight different colours. They’re multi-purpose…tossing games, juggling and stacking…no wonder they’ve lasted the test of time!

Where to Buy? 8 Bean bags with storage bag
poshpapercreations, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40


Twirly top trio

These bright classic spinning tops also flip onto their stems! And they’re small enough to take along with you for play dates or family visits. Hand-painted with non-toxic soy paint, the tops come in a set of three, and you get to choose the colours.

Where to Buy? Twirly Top Trio
applenamos, Connecticut

Stuff we love: 6 games under $40
This article was originally published on Mar 15, 2012

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