35 great stocking stuffers for her

What should you buy for the woman who has everything? Pop these fun little presents inside her stocking this year.

By Today's Parent
35 great stocking stuffers for her

Let's just call this what it really is—a personal shopping list! Whether you're treating yourself or buying for a special lady in your life, these stocking stuffers for women are sure to make her feel extra special this holiday.

Golden Matcha Glowing and Firming Face Mask

green face mask bottle on green backdrop Photo: Courtesy of Teaology

Cold Roller Tools

two cold rollers Photo: Courtesy of The Cure Skincare


desk with knotted paper weights Photo: Courtesy of Bearaby


From $39,

Unisex House Plants Compression Socks

pink compression socks with plants Photo: Courtesy of Supporo

Adipeau Active Face Cream

white bottle of active face cream Photo: Courtesy of Adipeau

Treat Yo'Elf

green box of candies Photo: Courtesy of Squish

The Comb

scalloped comb Photo: Courtesy of Butter by Costello

Mellow Pink Clay Soap

bar of soap next to box Photo: Courtesy of Mellow


Compact Umbrella

rainbow coloured umbrella Photo: Courtesy of Good Egg

Dermal Sérum

black bottle of body serum next to white box Photo: Courtesy of Protéger

Turquoise Pendant

image of neck with delicate chain and pendant Photo: Courtesy of Melanie Auld

Nota Marbled Monogram Journals

pastel coloured journal with marble design and monogrammed with a letter Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

Womens Nappa Mitten

leather mittens Photo: Courtesy of Roots



Baggage Claim Eye Masks

rose gold eye masks and packaging Photo: Courtesy of Wander Beauty

Manta Pulse

silicone shower brush splashing in water Photo: Courtesy of Manta

Smitten Kitchen Keepers by Deb Perelman

book cover for Smitten Kitchen Keepers Photo: Courtesy of Penguin Random House

eos 100% Natural and Organic Lip Balm Stick, 8-pack

multipack of lip balms Photo: Courtesy of Costco

Stoic Beauty Thalassa Deep Hydration Face & Scalp Serum

bottle with dropper Photo: Courtesy of Stoic Beauty


Patagonia Snowbelle Beanie

beige woollen toque with mustard dots and pompom Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia


Holiday Pocket Farmacy Physical Edition

red pouch with five small vials Photo: Courtesy of Saje

Lavender Honey

180g glass jar of lavender infused honey Photo: Courtesy of Terre Bleu

Frankincense and Geranium Illuminate Body Cream

tub of body cream against a lifestyle background Photo: Courtesy of Wildcraft

Weleda Skin Food Mask Hand Experience

green box containing dry skin treatment for hands Photo: Courtesy of Weleda



The Mantle Skin Conditioning Wash

two hands holding a bottle of lotion Photo: Courtesy of U Beauty

Lover's Tempo Lovestruck Heart Ring

gold-plated brass ring in the shape of a heart Photo: Courtesy of Lover's Tempo

Session Label The Thickener Blow-Dry Spray

black bottle of hair product Photo: Courtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional


The Dsrt Co. Crml Crnch

pastel coloured chocolate bar with gold flecks Photo: Courtesy of The Dsrt Co.

Let it Soak Holiday Trio

three packs of holiday-themed bath soaks Photo: Courtesy of Bathorium


Illume Tried & True Fresh Balsam Diffuser

glass diffuser with petal shaped diffuser sticks Photo: Courtesy of The Bay

Winter's Eve Body Oil

bottle of body oil set on lifestyle background Photo: Courtesy of Pura Botanicals

Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Fluffs

white fluffy water-repellant running shoes with white soles and white laces Photo: Courtesy of Allbirds

B Yoga The Silk Sleep Mask

silk sleep mask in blue, white and grey optic print Photo: Courtesy of B Yoga

Pure Glow: Holiday Mini Face Set

Black and gold gift set featuring four mini face products Photo: Courtesy of Om Organics


Kitchen Salt & Grater Set

box containing pink Himalayan sea salt stone and grater Photo: Courtesy of Holt Renfrew

Lemon Lavender Tea Soak

lemon lavender blend with Epsom salts Photo: Courtesy Of Fern and Petal

This article was originally published on Nov 03, 2022

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