Sensitive Santa is coming to town—in a Canadian city near you

Kids with autism and other sensory sensitivities don't have to miss out on meeting with Santa. Here's where they can still meet a Sensitive Santa in 2018.

Kids with autism and other sensory sensitivities often feel overwhelmed in malls—particularly around Christmas, when shopping centres are full of bright lights, loud music and harried shoppers. But that doesn’t mean kids on the spectrum don’t want to meet with Father Christmas.

Thankfully there are more and more “Sensitive Santa” events happening across the country to offer kids prone to sensory overload the chance to share their Christmas list in a low-key environment with a Father Christmas who has undergone special training.

Autism Speaks Canada is offering kids all across the country the chance to meet with Sensitive Santa. Between Nov. 24 and Dec.  9, Santa will be making appearances from Vancouver to Fredericton. The visits are free (photos are extra) and you can reserve your spot in advance to avoid those hectic holiday lineups. Click here for details about when Sensitive Santa is coming to your town.

And have yourselves a peaceful little Christmas!

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