8 simple popsicle ideas to keep you cool this summer

Beat the heat with these simple popsicle ideas.

On scorching days, there is only one question you should worry about: Will it Popsicle? Make the most of your summer with these simple popsicle ideas.

Fruit salad
Slice up a variety of fruits (kiwis, strawberries, blueberries) and place in ice-pop moulds. Fill with coconut water.

Peachy keen
Chop four peaches and mix in a food processor with the juice of half a lemon. Pour into ice-pop moulds and add a couple of blueberries.

Sweet treat
Fill ice-pop moulds with pink lemonade and drop a few gummy candies into each.

   watermelon ice pops on a bed of ice cubes    
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Mango tango
Purée a mango and pour in a couple of tablespoons of orange juice.

A bunch of fun
Pulse grapes (green or red, or both) in the food proces- sor for really pretty and thirst-quenching ice pops.

Berry nice
Whirr raspberries, blueber- ries and strawberries in a blender with chunks of watermelon.

Parents’ tonic*
Drop cucumber slices into moulds and add a mix of 2 cups of tonic water, a shot of gin and squirt of lime.

Spiked citrus*
Combine the juice of two limes with 2 cups of ginger beer and 2 shots of vodka for potent refreshment.

*adults only


  • Leave about 2 cm of room at the top of the ice-pop mould—liquid expands as it freezes.
  • Place the moulds at the back of the freezer where it’s coldest, and let them freeze overnight.
  • To unmould ice pops, fill a bowl with warm (not hot) water. Dip the mould into the warm water until you can ease the ice pop out.
  • Wrap pops in zip-top bags or store them in airtight containers.

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