Parties: Throw a wizard-themed social

Abracadabra! Cast a spellbinding affair to enchant young magical minds.


No wizard or witch is complete without a magic wand, so get the party started with a fun craft . Provide each kid with a wooden dowel, paint, glitter and ribbons, and have them design their own wand.

Now let the magic begin: Impress young wizards with a colour-changing drink trick. Put a fantastical spin on classic birthday games. Try pin the beard on the wizard, pass the potion and musical broomsticks. Everyone knows how to play them and they’re easy to set up. Next, let each kid write down a secret-potion recipe using invisible ink (equal parts water and baking soda).

Reveal the script by painting over the paper with purple grape juice. For the grand finale, have the birthday boy host his own magic show that will astound his friends. Outfit him with a cape and wizard hat.


For a fun favour, fill a pouch (drawstring bag) full of mystical fun, like bubbles, spinning tops and a bag of magical charms (assorted jelly beans)

Frightening fare
Serve up some scary grub that will have kids screaming with delight. Get creative: Tint vanilla pudding green and add pieces of green Jell-O for snot and boogers; boil spaghetti to serve as witches’ hair; and use a melon baller to scoop out eyeballs from a cantaloupe. Serve in jars labelled with gross-sounding names.

Eerie elixir
Wash down those icky appetizers with some Slithering Green Slime Juice.


Hats off to you
Kids will love to design their own edible wizard’s hat. Bake cupcakes, frost and top with a sugar cone. Give them icing, sprinkles and candy to decorate.


Cut a potato in half. Have your child draw a simple design. Carve it out to create a stamp. Let him dip it in paint (or hot wax, with adult supervision) and stamp onto the envelope.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2012 issue with the headline “Wizard Social” (p.24). For more great party themes, visit our Celebrations page!

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