10 Nugget Couch Alternatives for Parents Who Want One Now

If you don't have the lightning-fast reflexes to nab a Nugget Comfort couch, you can get your hands on one of these just-as-fun alternatives.

10 Nugget Couch Alternatives for Parents Who Want One Now

Photo: Cushy Couch

If you've got kids in the house and an Instagram addiction, you've likely heard of the elusive Nugget play couch, the unicorn of the children's furniture world. The versatile, modular sofa lets little ones get creative by building elaborate forts and gives them a comfy spot to lounge on movie nights.

You probably even considered trying to get your hands on a Nugget—only to discover that securing one depends on winning a lottery and the competition is fierce. But  guess what? There are other versions available that are just as fun and far less stressful (virtual school aged us enough for one year, TYVM). Check out our favourite Nugget alternatives below:

The Coconut

Photo of a dad setting up a play couch with his kids Merchant

This play couch is Canadian-designed and manufactured, which means you don't have to worry about paying duties when it ships. Plus they also offer an option to get a half coconut, in case you don't have space in the playroom for a full set.

The Whatsit Kids Foam Sofa

Photo of a modular kids couch set up as two chairs on a rug Photo: Wayfair

Let your kids get creative with this modular sofa, and when they're done playing, they can configure it into their own separate chairs for quiet time. Plus, the slipcovers are machine washable!


My Puffin Play Couch

Photo of two kids crawling through a tunnel made by two cushions from aplay couch Merchant

This play couch is made to last with durable fabric covers that are meant to withstand the hard knocks of playtime. Plus, the strong zippers are covered by fabric to stop kids from getting hurt while they play.

My Couchy Couch

Photo of a play couch set up in a living room Photo: My Couchy Couch

The cushions on the this Nugget-like couch are shaped like flat-top trapezoids rather than full triangles, which are great for added comfort and versatility! Did we mention it's extremely affordable? It is.

The Cushy Couch

Photo of a family lounging and reading books on a modular play couch Photo: Cushy Couch

Available in several chic colours, this modular couch goes perfectly with any decor. They also offer an expansion kit for even more cushy fun!


The Figgy

Photo of a kid playing in a tunnel made from a Figgy Play couch Photo: Courtesy of Melissa de Mata

The cushions on this play couch easily velcro together to create all kinds of configurations. Plus, the cushion covers have built-in waterproof liners for mess-free play. Keep an eye out for Canadian shipping options.

Jaxx Zipline Playscape

Photo of two kids playing on a modular play couch set up like a space ship Photo: Jaxx

The perfect addition to any playroom, the Zipline Playscape is available in 10 vibrant colours that will have your kids' imaginations running wild!

IGLU Soft Play Shapes Activity Toys

Photo of a foam play area Photo: Amazon

These anti-slip blocks are as easy to clean as they are likely to stoke the creativity of your little ones, who can climb, build or just lounge around.


SoftScape Climber

Photo of a foam play area with a tunnel Merchant

What kid doesn't love crawling through a tunnel? This play set is the perfect way for little climbers to get their energy out in a soft and safe environment.

Milliard Tri-Fold foam folding mattress

Photo of a toddler sitting on a foldable cushion couch Photo: Amazon

Available in four different mattress sizes, this clever design folds to create a couch with a back cushion. Kids can use it as a play mat or a sofa, and when guests pop by the larger sizes double as a bed. This one also made our list of the best foldable mattress designs on the market.

This article was originally published on Sep 20, 2021

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