New TV series alert: Mother Up!

Check out the early buzz on a new Canadian animated adult comedy about parenting starring Eva Longoria.

By Today's Parent staff
New TV series alert: Mother Up!

CityLine's Tracy Moore interviews Eva Longoria.

Before the holidays a lot of you shared your passion for the NBC dramedy, Parenthood. You revealed how much you loved to laugh and cry with the ensemble cast as they worked through their problems with the help and support of their families.

Now you can be on the lookout for the all-new parenting TV program that will be on everyone's radar in the coming months.

Here at Today's Parent we're more than a little excited over today's announcement that an animated adult comedy series about parenting is set to debut later this year. Think The Simpson's or Family Guy — only strictly for adults, specifically those who have children.

CityTV unveiled the news that production is underway on Mother Up!, a 13-episode series starring Desperate Housewives alum, Eva Longoria. Developed by Rogers Media and Canadian companies Breakthrough Entertainment and Bardel Entertainment, the series is scheduled to air throughout North America in the fall of 2013.

The series chronicles the daily (mis)adventures of Rudi Wilson (Longoria) a former music executive who tackles motherhood is the suburbs. Despite the fact that Rudi was once a successful, high-powered exec, she's gradually coming to terms with the fact that, even though she excelled at her career, she's struggling as a parent. Through a series of well-intentioned — yet ultimately disastrous — improvised solutions, Rudi takes on the challenges of her new role head-on.

The all-Canadian creative team includes former Kids in the Hall writer-comedian Mark McKinney and Seed's Jenn Engles. The series is executive produced by Longoria and Michael Shipley of Family Guy fame.

So, it looks like a new, hilarious animated family will be gracing our screens in a few months time. Make room, Simpsons and Griffins! 

For more on Mother Up!, check out host Tracy Moore's CityLine interview with executive producer and star Eva Longoria.

This article was originally published on Jan 08, 2013

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