New series alert: Cache Craze

This all new family-friendly competition series debuts this weekend on YTV.

By Laura Grande
New series alert: Cache Craze

Former NHL star Brad May and his daughter, Samantha. Photo courtesy of Corus Entertainment.

Reality show aficionados can now introduce a family-friendly competition series into their TV rotation with the debut of Cache Craze on Corus Entertainment's YTV channel.

The premise
Comedian Ryan Horwood hosts a massive family treasure each week. In family teams of two, the competitors must search for two virtual caches that can only be revealed after they climb, crawl and jump through a wide range of outdoor obstacles. Each completed obstacle awards points to each team — and holds off potential elimination until the next round. With this Survivor-meets-Amazing Race set-up, families can cheer on their personal favourites as teams compete to take home a cash award and the Cache Craze Amazeball trophy.

With 10 60-minute episodes this season, the series features former NHL star and on-air sports analyst Brad May and his 13-year-old daugther, Samantha.

YTV airs the Cache Craze debut on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

This article was originally published on Mar 08, 2013

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