5 amazing kids' movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this May

There may not be many kids' titles coming to Netflix Canada in May 2021, but we're betting your kids will want to watch these more than once.

5 amazing kids' movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this May

Photo: Netflix

Netflix Canada has announced which new TV shows and movies it will be adding to its lineup next month and, of course, that means more options for kids! There are only a handful of titles to look forward to in May, but don't let that discourage you—you've got two new kids' movies and new seasons of Trash Truck and Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous coming your way! Check out the full lineup with specific release dates below.

But first, an important note: The age recommendations offered below are approximate. Every kid is different, and you’re the best judge of what’s appropriate and what your kid can handle.

still from the movie Dog Gone Trouble showing a puppy lying down on a floating pool lounger Photo: Netflix

Dog Gone Trouble

Best for: 6+ The privileged existence of a pampered pooch named Trouble is turned upside down when he gets lost and must learn to survive on the big city streets. Available May 28

Still from the movie Jungle Beat the Movie showing a hedgehog walking through the forest followed by a rhino, an elephant, a monkey and an alien Photo: Netflix

Jungle Beat: The Movie

Best for: 7+ When a lost and lonely alien crash-lands on Earth, his new crew of talking animal friends helps him get back home—and try to save the world! Available May 14

Still from the show Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous showing a group of people caring for a baby dinosaur Photo: Netflix

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, Season 3

Best for: 8+ The teen campers on Isla Nublar return for another season of working together to escape from the island of free-roaming dinosaurs. Available May 21

Total Drama Island

Best for: 10+ A spoof on reality survival programs, this show recounts the misadventures at Camp Wawanakwa, an island retreat where 22 teens compete in extreme challenges while vying for the $100,000 grand prize. Available May 1

Still from the show Trash Truck showing a raccoon, a bear and a kid standing next to a trash truck wearing a furry hat Photo: Netflix

Trash Truck, Season 2


Best for: 3+ Hank, Trash Truck and animal pals Walter, Donny and Ms. Mona let their imaginations take them on heartwarming adventures in their backyard and beyond! Available May 4


Netflix takes things off the platform every month, but this month only one family show is getting the chop. All eight seasons of Full House will be gone on May 31st. Luckily there's still the whole month left to enjoy them as a family. Everyone to the couch!

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