New on DVD today – Wibbly Pig: Playtime with Wibbly

Get ready to spend some time with a new pig on the scene

Image courtesy of eOne Films

Have you heard of Wibbly? My answer was “no,” when I was asked that question. But this preschool- and toddler-geared TV show, with a main character named Wibbly, is worth introducing to the little ones. Wibbly’s fast-moving, has an active imagination and is just an overall fun-loving pig. Plus, the show itself has a very catchy theme song. And you all know how much I love a catchy theme song.
A little background on Wibbly, he originated as a picture book for babies and young children—and then was adapted for TV in Britain. This January, Wibbly hits the airwaves on PBS in North America.

But you can introduce your kids to the show now, since the new DVD Playtime with Wibbly comes out today. Out of five fun-filled episodes, my favourite is “Castle/Flowerpots.” In “Castle”, Wibbly and his make-believe friend, King, go on an imaginary adventure to find a dragon. But don’t worry, this fire-breathing dragon is not scary—it turns out to be a baby dragon who uses her fire breath to toast bread.

The Bottom Line
These episodes are always fun, simple and age-appropriate. And they help to show the little people in your life how to explore the neverending world of their imagination. Plus, little Wibbly may even charm over the adults in the room.

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