New on DVD: Strawberry Shortcake - Bright Lights Big Dreams

Carly shares a classic character with her favourite pint-sized critics

By Carly Deziel
New on DVD: Strawberry Shortcake - Bright Lights Big Dreams

Courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment

Many of the adults out there will be familiar with the name Strawberry Shortcake. But how many of you have tuned into the modernized and updated TV series? I recall watching a very different version of Strawberry Shortcake tales when I was a little girl — playing with my scented dolls like Blueberry Muffin and Lemon Meringue and sleeping in Strawberry Shortcake sheets (hand-me-downs of my sister's).

Watching this new series is less than enjoyable for most parents, especially if you have fond memories of the original. But the new Strawberry Shortcake DVD, called Bright Lights Big Dreams, is good for one thing: an hour break from the insanity.

Weekday evenings at my sister's house with my two nieces, Monkey (three years old) and Sweet Pea (1 years old), can only be described as crazy chaos. But when I put this DVD on for my Monkey to watch, she sat quietly on the couch eating dinner and was captivated by these fruit-named characters. They sing, dance and talk to a wise caterpillar man.

Most of the movies in this series have silly and often unclear story lines. But the bright colours and constant motion keep at least the girls in the house entertained. And Bright Lights Big Dreams is no different. In this particular movie Strawberry and her friends have entered a dance competition, and their biggest problem is they aren't all in sync!

At the end of the DVD Monkey gave me her review, "I like it, thumb up." When asked for her favourite part of the movie? She answered, "the girls, because I love their hair and their outfits!" Overall this DVD, like many of the other Strawberry Shortcake stories, has Monkey's approval. And although you probably won't find yourself sitting down and watching it, you may enjoy some uninterrupted time.

For more funDownload a Strawberry Shortcake: Bright Lights Big Dreams colour sheet [PDF]!

This article was originally published on Nov 04, 2011

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