Milk carton haunted house

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a charming haunted house from empty juice cartons

By Madeleine Wong
Milk carton haunted house

You’ll need:
• 3 large empty juice cartons (2L size)
• black construction paper
• orange construction paper (optional)
• craft glue
• clear tape
• scissors or craft knife
• tealight candles or small battery-powered lights

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Rinse and dry the juice cartons, and cut the top and bottom off each. Leave one carton tall, with a straight horizontal top. The second should be medium-height, with a slanted top, and the third should be short, also with a slanted top.

2. Using black construction paper, create a cover for each carton. One at a time, wrap a sheet of construction paper around the carton, folding the paper to match the corners and leaving a little bit of overlap at the back. Unwrap the paper and flatten to decorate.

3. Cut one long, wide window into the front side of each carton, leaving at least ¼ inch between the window and the corners and edges to keep the cartons rigid.

4. If you wish, line the remaining three inner sides of each carton with orange construction paper, pressing it into the sides and corners. Cut away any excess and secure with a dab of glue.

5. Print out templates and line them up with the bottom edge of the corresponding black construction paper sleeves and trace window and door shapes. Cut out with scissors or a sharp craft knife (a job for adults only!).

You designs should look like these:

Download stencil 1 (PDF).

Download stencil 2 (PDF).

Download stencil 3 (PDF).

6. Place the black paper sleeves on their corresponding cartons with the cutouts overlaying the open window in the front each carton. Secure with clear tape at the back.

7. Cut a roof shape out of black construction paper and tape or glue to the front of the tallest carton.

8. Arrange cartons on a tabletop and place a tealight candle or battery-powered light inside each to create a spooky glow.

This article was originally published on Sep 20, 2002

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