Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looks

Self conscious about your post-baby tummy? Loathe your stretch marks? Get your sexy back with these figure-flattering pieces.

By Marissa Stapley Ponikowski
Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looks

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looks

Close contact

The demands of life—especially when you have kids—can turn steamy sessions between the sheets into the stuff of distant memory. Becoming a parent can affect your sex life adversely for many reasons, including women feeling less confident about their bodies after they have had children.

Since a huge part of being sexy is feeling sexy, here’s how to deal with problem areas (even if you’re just imagining them!) so you can bring sensuality back into your life.

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Miljko/iStockphoto

02Tummy tamers

If the idea of putting on lingerie terrifies you because you’re self-conscious about your stomach, there’s a solution.

According to Shana Tilbrook, co-owner of Tryst Lingerie in Toronto, high-waisted briefs are making a comeback. “These briefs cover the tummy and have a sexy 1950s feel,” says Tilbrook. This means you don’t have to worry about the elastic from your panties cutting in right at the part of your body you’re most concerned about.
Where to Buy? Gem bra ($92) with matching high-waisted brief ($46), Freya

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Freya


03Stretch mark insecurities

Your partner probably hardly notices them, but you can’t stop thinking about those stretch marks on your abdomen. Try this frilly number, which leaves just enough to the imagination. Plus, it’s the perfect combination of innocent (frills and soft modal fabric) and sultry (leather trim).
Where to Buy? Frilly Jersey Cover Up ($80), Dear Frankie

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Dear Frankie

04Accentuate the curves

You tell yourself to celebrate your retro, hour-glass figure, but being plus-sized can make you feel ill-at-ease while scantily clad. The good news is you have plenty of options.

“When it comes to buying lingerie for the plus-sized woman, making sure there is enough coverage in the breast area is key,” says Tilbrook of Tryst boutiques. “Often, lingerie is designed for the smaller breast, and the larger breasted woman can look like she’s hanging out of these pieces.”

So start by getting properly fitted at a specialized boutique. Then look for a bra-fit chemise or teddy that flatters your figure with an A-line cut.
Where to Buy? The Alexis ($88), Parfait, bare necessities

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looks

05Small but mighty

“Many small-breasted women have challenges finding bras to fit them,” says Tilbrook. But this is a blessing in disguise: you aren’t limited to bras alone. Small-breasted women can also try half-camisoles and triangle bras. 

Where to Buy? New York wire-free bra ($37), Maaji, Nordstrom

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Maaji


06Straight lines

Perhaps you’ve been working out like a fiend to get back into pre-baby shape and, while your body looks svelte, you don’t feel especially feminine. Or maybe you simply have a naturally athletic, boyish build. Embellish your cut abs with ruffles or try a plunging lace bra and lace thong, which will look all woman.
Where to Buy? Lace bra ($45.50) and thong ($18), Dear Frankie

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Dear Frankie

07Perfect pear

If this is your body type, look for structured styles that will draw up your breasts and provide support for a more substantial bottom half. Try shape wear that doubles as lingerie. It’s so pretty, your partner will never guess it serves a dual purpose.
Where to Buy? Sculpt & Shape Bodysuit, Diva Dot ($78), Body Wrap Shapewear

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Sculpt and Shape

08Support the girls

Let’s face it, few women are ever the same after breastfeeding (as unfair as that is). So if your breasts are larger or need extra lift, choose bras with fuller coverage but in sultry fabrics, like lace and silk.
Where to Buy? Cachemire bra ($109), Chantelle, Diane's Lingerie

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Chantelle


09Less is more

Perhaps you’re just not ready to show too much skin at the moment, but you still want to climb into bed wearing something suggestive. Look for a chemise with lacy details. This works for every size of breast.
Where to Buy? The Morgan Chemise ($145), NK iMode, Kenan

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: NK iMode

More figure-flattering looks!

Lingerie: 8 slimming and sexy looksPhoto: Alija/iStockphoto
This article was originally published on Feb 05, 2013

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