10 kids’ movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this March 2018

Every month, Netflix Canada adds family-friendly shows and movies for your kids to stream. Here's what's coming up in March 2018.

10 kids’ movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this March 2018

Photo: Netflix

Neil Patrick Harris fans, we have some very good news for you: The second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events is finally here! And that's just one of 10 kids' movies and shows being added to Netflix Canada this March 2018. Scroll down for all the latest additions.

But first, a quick note: The age recommendations offered below are approximate. Every kid is different—you're the best judge of what's appropriate and what your kid can handle.

promo image for The Series of Unfortunate Events showing Count Olaf in disguise at a fancy restaurant Photo: Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events (season 2) Best for: Ages 8+ Even more perilous predicaments, dastardly villains and brilliant inventions. The siblings return for a second season based on the series by Lemony Snicket. Available March 30.

Promo image for Trolls the Beat Goes On showing Poppy singing a song with other trolls in a garden Photo: Netflix

Trolls: The Beat Goes On (season 2) Best for: Ages 5+ As Queen Poppy welcomes a new time of peace in Troll Village with parties, sports and holiday celebrations, Branch tries to be more fun-loving. Available March 9.

Promo image for Stretch armstrong showing a character with a purple jumpsuit and googles shooting lightning Photo: Netflix


Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout Best for: Ages 6+ Every villain the Flex Fighters have defeated escapes from Rook Tower, and it's up to our heroes to save Charter City. Available March 13.

Promo image for Benji showing a cute dog Photo: Netflix

Benji Best for: Ages 6+ A determined dog comes to the rescue and helps heal a broken family when a young boy and his sister stumble into some serious danger. Available March 6.

Promo image for Spirit Riding Free showing three kids followed by three horses Photo: Netflix

Spirit Riding Free (season 4) Best for: Ages 7+ Exciting new adventures await Lucky and her friends on the frontier in a fourth season filled with fun and discovery. Available March 15.

Promo image for Dinotrux Supercharged showing the dino trucks talking to each other Photo: Netflix

DinoTrux Supercharged (season 2) Best for: Ages 7+ Bigger, faster and stronger than ever, the supercharged Dinotrux are back to take on new challenges, embrace adventure and meet new friends. Available March 23.

Bob the Builder: Mega Machines Best for: Ages 3+ Bob and his team get together with the Mega Machines to build a new dam and reservoir for Spring City—but are they up to this mega challenge? Available March 21.

Spy Kids Best for: Ages 7+ The tables are turned when pint-sized kids Carmen and Juni must rescue their secret-agent parents from the diabolical clutches of Alexander Minion. Available March 31.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Best for: Ages Spy Kids Carmen and Juni Cortez team up with two other pint-sized secret agents, Gary and Gerti Giggles, in order to take on an evil scientist. Available March 31.


Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World Best for: Ages 7+ Former Spy Kids Carmen and Juni return to help twin siblings Rebecca and Cecil Wilson save the world with their retired secret-agent stepmother. Available March 31.

LAST CALL! Sad news, animal lovers: Disney's anthropomorphic Zootopia will be leaving Netflix Canada on March 20. Enjoy it while you can!

This article was originally published on Feb 23, 2018

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