In theatres: We're the Millers

Laura Grande reviews the new comedy We're the Millers, including parental advisory warnings.

were-the-millers-jason-sudeikis-jennifer-aniston2 Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures.

*This review may contain some spoilers in the Parental Advisory section, in an effort to inform parents as to the films content.*

We're the Millers is the latest gross-out comedy from Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Turner. And while we realize that the movie isn't exactly being sold as wholesome family entertainment, for those parents still sitting on the fence about whether or not to bring their older kids to check out this flick, we've outlined parental advisory warnings below. In the end, however, it's probably best that We're the Millers remains a no-kids-allowed date night movie.

The premise: David (Jason Sudeikis) is a down-on-his-luck drug dealer who is sent on a fool's errand at the behest of his drug lord, Brad (Ed Helms). Since the plan involves a trip into the heart of Mexican drug territory with a not-so-subtle RV, David decides to recruit a rag-tag group of people to come with him that he could pass off as his family. Along for the ride is his neighbour — who also happens to be a stripper — Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a young street kid named Casey (Emma Roberts) and Kenny (Will Poulter), a lonely teen from David's building. As the foursome embark on their dangerous journey, they are met with all kinds of outlandish situations.

What we loved: There's no denying the comedic chops of former Saturday Night Live alum, Jason Sudeikis. And his chemistry with Jennifer Aniston, a great comedian herself, is palpable.

The blooper reel at the very end provides bigger laughs than some of the gags in the actual movie.

Parental advisory (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*): Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper and, while there's no nudity, there are a handful of scenes that take place inside of a strip club.

Aniston performs a prolonged striptease in her bra and underwear inside a warehouse.


There are multiple scenes with sexual content and innuendo.

A character is bitten in his nether-regions by a poisonous spider.

Coarse language.

Canadian rating: 14A — Parental guidance required for kids under the age of 14.

Final verdict: This is likely more of a grown-up date night movie, and the Canadian ratings give it a 14A. If you plan on taking the kids along, they should pronanly be 15+ due to mature themes and content.

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