How to make a robot costume

Make a cool costume with these three simple steps

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Whether you’re looking for a costume-party outfit, dressing up for Halloween or hosting a robot-themed birthday party for the kids, follow our easy instructions for a cool costume idea.

Step 1: For the coolest droid ever, R2D2, cut the lid off a collapsible mesh fabric laundry hamper. Flip it over and cut a hole in the bottom for the head, then cut holes on each side of the body for arms.

Step 2: Use duct tape and markers to design a robot’s head on a large mixing bowl. Attach it to a bike helmet with the tape or self-adhesive Velcro. (See image, below.)

Step 3: Use blue, silver and black tape, foam shapes and markers to create gears and gadgets on your robot’s body. Use one red circle for his “mood light” and you’re set.

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