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Hair for the holidays

Make a beautiful statement at soirees with simple yet elegant DIY styles

By Aileen Brabazon
Hair for the holidays

Long hair: Make waves

Give the standard chignon a break. Heat up your nighttime winter look with this fabulous down-do full of waves.

1. The night before your party, wash and blow-dry your hair so it’s ready for styling the next day, says Alain Larivée, Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda, and owner of Cajh Maître Coiffeurs salon in Montreal.

2. Before the event, use hot rollers. Grab big sections of hair, mist them with a flexible-hold hairspray (such as Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly) and roll them up. (Leave rollers in until they are cold.)

3. Remove rollers, let hair cool completely, then loosen waves. “Running your fingers through them gives you a sexy feel, while brushing them out provides more of a romantic feel,” says Larivée. Spritz on hairspray, such as John Frieda Luxur-ious Volume All-Out Hold (right), to lock in your style.

Short hair: Go up and away

This classic do provides height on top and sleekness up front.

1. Backcomb the hair on the crown of your head: Lift up small sections of hair and comb the bottom two inches of it down toward your scalp, says Susan Phillips, a senior stylist and colour technician at Marc Anthony Salon in Toronto. Lightly spritz teased bits with hairspray. “Then softly comb or brush over the top to hide teasing and smooth out the hair.”

2. Using a comb, part your fringe at one side. Sweep your bangs away from the part and, if you can, tuck them behind your ear, says Phillips.

3. Set your style with a spray, such as Marc Anthony Pro Finish Ultimate Hold (left).

Curly hair: Pump up the volume

To get party-perfect, define your curls and let them loose for the evening.

1. Work a few drops of hair serum, such as göt2b Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum (left) through very wet hair.

2. Apply a curl-defining spray-gel, such as John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls, combing it through your wet hair from roots to ends until your hair feels smooth. “The action of the comb flattens the hair and gives you a nice, clean curl, ” says Larivée. Let your hair air-dry, then give it a good shake.

3. Finally, protect your bouncy, beautiful style from the snow and cold by using a hairspray such as John Frieda Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Spray.

Tame winter hair woes

Here’s how to prevent and fix mane problems this season

Hat hair
• Avoid pomades and waxes: Your hair will look extra dishevelled when your hat comes off, says Susan Phillips of Marc Anthony Salon in Toronto.
• Wear a silk scarf under your hat. It helps prevent matting.
• Avoid slipping on a toque right after blow-drying. “If your hair is still warm, the hat will flatten out the great styling work you just did,” Phillips says.

• Use leave-in conditioner to ward off static and fly-aways. Try Matrix Biolage Daily Leave-In Tonic.
• Brush on a little spray. When your hair stands up, spritz hairspray onto a vent brush and run it through your tresses to smooth down the hair, says Phillips.

Itchy or flaky scalp
• Soothe itch with essential oils. Mix a few drops each of pure peppermint, lavender and rosemary oils into your regular shampoo. “An itchy scalp is due to irritated skin, and these elements help calm skin,” says Alain Larivée, owner of Cajh Maître Coiffeurs salon in Montreal.
• Banish flakes with over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos containing coal tar, salicylic acid and pyrithione zinc.

This article was originally published on Dec 01, 2010

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