7 best outdoor pools in Ottawa for families

Cannonball into one of these awesome outdoor pools in beautiful Ottawa!

Photo: City of Ottawa Photo: City of Ottawa

Katimavik Pool

Cannonball! There’s oodles of fun to be had at Katimavik Pool. Big kids get their own pool so they can play Marco Polo and practise their strokes, while little ones can practise blowing bubbles and dunking their heads in the separate shallow pool. This awesome pool has a shaded patio area so that you can get out of the sun on those blistering hot days. Washrooms and change rooms are available on-site, and the pool is wheelchair accessible.

Go play: 64 Chimo Drive, Ottawa 613-592-9793>


Bearbrook Pool

This hotspot has two outdoor swimming pools, as well as a therapeutic warm-water pool. On sunny days, this is the place to be, with a covered gazebo and picnic tables (make sure to pack a lunch to enjoy outside). There’s a kiddie pool complete with spray features for tiny tots. Washrooms and change rooms are available on-site, and the pool is wheelchair accessible. Plus, there’s free parking. Hello, perfect Saturday!

Go play: 2679 Innes Road, Ottawa 613-824-8300>

Beaverbrook Pool

This pool offers many of the same features as Bearbrook Pool. But after a morning of splashing, head over to the adjacent playground for some swimming, climbing and sliding. Woo-hoo!

Go play: 2 Beaverbrook Lane, Ottawa 613-591-3061>

Corkstown Pool


Corkstown is made for little kids. Along with a big pool, your tiny tot can splash around in the wading pool. All the floors are slip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about kids taking a spill (but still, no running on the pool deck). And the bathrooms have lowered counters, dispensers and sinks, so even the littlest of kids can wash their hands by themselves.

Go play: 61 Corkstown Road, Ottawa 613-820-1636>

Entrance Pool

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch! Spend the morning in the pool—there’s a main pool, along with a wading pool for little kids—and then dry off in the sun in the afternoon. The pool has a large, grassy picnic area, so bring your lunch and a big picnic blanket. After lunch, little kids can nap in the shade while big kids try out the volleyball court.

Go play: 2 Eaton Street, Ottawa 613-829-2705>

General Burns Pool

This is a great pool for baby’s first swim! Little fish can practise kicking their feet in the wading pool, while older kids can splash to their hearts’ content in the big-kid pool without getting any of the babies wet. This pool has all the safety features you’d expect from an outdoor pool. And the change rooms even have change tables. Before you go, enjoy lunch in the picnic area.


Go play: 107 Chesterton Drive, Ottawa 613-225-7970>

Genest Pool

You’re going to want to spend the whole day outside at Genest Pool. Start the day in the pool: The main pool is great for big kids looking to practise their front and backstrokes, while a separate wading pool is great for little ones. After lunch, you can sit at one of many picnic tables while the kids run around at the nearby playground. If you’re the sporty type, there are basketball courts where you can shoot some hoops.

Go play: 43 Ste-Cécile Street, Ottawa 613-749-6488>

Glen Cairn Pool

This outdoor water spot is extremely accommodating to everyone who visits. Its newly renovated washrooms and change rooms have lowered sinks and drinking fountains, making the little time you do spend indoors more comfortable and convenient. And for those little fish who don’t dare test the scary waters of the deep end, there’s a separate shallow pool for splishing and splashing. The pool is wheelchair accessible.

Go play: 50 Castlefrank Road, Ottawa 613-836-7589>

This article was originally published on Jun 15, 2015

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