Face painting tutorial: Transform your kid into a zombie doll

She's ALIVE! This spooky look is surprisingly easy to do.

You’ll need: White eyeliner; black face paint; paint brushes; white makeup stick; makeup sponge; light powder; powder brush; blush; grey eyeshadow; black eyeliner; fake eyelashes; eyelash glue, tweezers; gel potted eyeliner or black makeup; pink lipstick.

1. Have your kid look up, then apply a bit of white eyeliner under one eye.

2. Sketch out a few cracks with black face paint and a fine brush. Drawing a jagged line down from one eyebrow and then around the eye.

3. For a porcelain doll look, apply white cream stick all over her face, rubbing the cream in like sunscreen. Be careful around the crack—apply a bit and then smudge out from there. Use a brush for the eyes. Set with pale face powder. (White face paint also works, and gives a more opaque look.)

4. Dot on some blush and blend with your hand.

5. Next, finesse the cracks. Using a fine brush and black face paint, sketch out some jagged lines. Make some lines a little thinner than others.


6. Dust some grey eyeshadow onto the cracks and around the eye socket.

7. Using a black eyeliner, draw short, rounded eyebrows. (You can follow the natural brow shape but keep them really short.)

8. To apply false eyelashes, have your zombie keep her eyes closed. Apply eyelash glue to the false lash with a cotton swab. On one eye, place the eyelash on the eyebrow. On the other eye, apply it to the eyelash with tweezers.

9. Fill in one eye socket with gel potted liner (or black eyeliner works well). Let it dry for a minute or two.

10. With a fine brush and black face paint, add some freckles.


11. Create a small heart-shaped mouth, adding more white foundation to the sides of the mouth.

12. Add a wig. Your creepy doll is ready for fright night!

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